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Incorporated in 2007, The Boilerman is one of Ireland's leading commercial, industrial and residential, heating and boiler servicing and maintenance companies. We are a reliable, customer focused organisation able to deal with all heating system sales, installation, commissioning, servicing and emergency repair queries.

Specialising in the servicing and maintenance of industrial and residential boiler and burner installations, commercial heating systems and air handling systems fired by Gas or Oil. The Boilerman Engineers have over fifteen years' experience in commissioning, servicing and maintaining industrial, commercial and residential oil and gas burner and boiler installations. All of The Boilerman Engineers hold certified gas competency (GID) and OFTEC (OFT105E) qualifications and hold RGII and OFTEC accreditation. The company also holds RGII and OFTEC accreditation. A detailed print out of flue gas emissions is provided following completion of works.

The Boilerman works with clients who have a Planned Preventative Maintenance schedule in place and with those who don't - providing prompt emergency call out repairs, as well as regular scheduled service calls depending on the size and needs of your organisation. A strategic approach to servicing and maintaining your heating system with an annual preventative maintenance schedule will significantly reduce the risk of breakdown when it is most needed during the heating season.

Inefficient boilers and burners and faulty or intermittent heating systems will cost you money. The Boilerman can offer a pre-service inspection of your Heating or HVAC system, large or small, and can report any inefficiencies found to help you address any issues.

Modern Heating systems, Air Handling systems, Boilers and Burners are highly sophisticated, technical and specialised. They require expertise to run at maximum efficiency with minimised harmful emissions. All of The Boilerman engineers have the technical expertise, product knowledge and flexibility to repair, install or commission your heating system leaving you with the peace of mind that your investment is operating to its full potential, safely and efficiently.

The Boilerman works together with a wide variety of clients throughout Ireland including Retailers, Factories, Hospitals, Colleges, Schools and Local Authorities. We can tailor our service to suit your specific needs.

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The Boilerman Specialises in the Installation, Maintenance & Repair of Domestic and Commercial Boiler Systems

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What to do if you Smell Gas

  • Never smoke or have a naked flame if you smell gas.

  • Do not turn any electrical appliances/light switches on or off. The spark could ignite the gas.

  • Open any windows to get as much ventilation as possible.

  • Have a look at any of your gas appliances (cookers etc.) to see if they have been left on by accident. Switch off straight away if they have.

  • Call the 24 Hour Emergency Helpline 1850205050

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