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Boiler Installation

At The Boilerman, we specialise in the installation of gas and oil boilers for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Our installation service also includes full commissioning.

Our fast, professional, and cost-effective boiler installations mean that your new boiler will be installed with minimal disruption to your business or premises. Our expert plumbers and heating engineers have years of experience and high quality service. Our expertise extends to all makes and models of boilers and we can recommend the appropriate oil or gas boiler solution for the unique heating requirements of your property.

Boiler Commissioning

Commissioning entails final checking and setting of the appliance or system before use. Many suppliers and manufacturers will not honour warranty or guarantee claims unless their product has been commissioned by a suitably qualified engineer.

When an appliance is initially installed, there are several factors that influence its performance and to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety are achieved, the appliance must be commissioned taking into account all of these factors. During commissioning all aspects of the installation must comply with the requirements set out by the appliance manufacturer. The flue, fuel, and hydraulic systems are checked and if changes are required, these are advised. When the installation is satisfactory, and following initial firing and combustion analysis to ensure the appliance complies with manufacturer’s specification, then the appliance can be put into service. A planned service programme should be discussed at this time.

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