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Boiler Servicing

The Boilerman specialises in the servicing of gas and oil boilers for domestic, commercial and industrial customers. No matter the type, your boiler should be serviced at least once a year to ensure that it runs efficiently and safely. Our professional, reliable and cost-effective gas and oil boiler servicing, checks all aspects of a heating system to ensure they are operating safely and at optimum efficiency. 

To ensure the prolonged efficient service life and safety of any boiler or burner, regular servicing is essential. Servicing an appliance correctly normally entails stripping down the component parts of the ignition assembly, burner assembly and heat exchanger for inspection and cleaning. Any damaged or consumable parts such as fuel nozzles are replaced once costs are agreed with the client, and following this, reassembly to manufacturer’s specification is completed. Analysis and any necessary adjustments of the combustion or fuel parameters are carried out using calibrated equipment to ensure compliance with flue emission guidelines, to maximise efficiency and ensure safe operation.

Servicing of Air Handling units helps to ensure safe and efficient operation. Consumables such as drive belts and filters should be changed at least annually but more frequently if required, dependent on local conditions.

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